As project managers, Grant Vallack Building establishes a development framework specifically designed to meet the needs of each client.

Whilst coordinating all onsite and offsite activities in the project management process, Grant Vallack will also keep you informed and up to date with progress every step of the way. This enables you to maintain control of your project at the same time as having the reassurance of access to professional advice and assistance – particularly at the critical construction stages.

There are many aspects to a building or construction project that are often not considered until the project is already well underway. These can include arranging and tendering trades, coordinating deliveries, communicating with external parties and governing bodies, attaining approvals, drafting plans, supervising site managers, quality checking to Building Codes and Australian Standards, and administering of contracts among many others. Without professional project management knowledge and experience, these tasks cannot only be difficult and stressful to deal with but can result in incomplete work and project delays. Grant Vallack ensures that all of these complications are streamlined so you are able to sit back and watch your development unfold


Understanding that each client will have different needs and desires in terms of their involvement in the completion of their project is critical to ensuring a flawless construction experience. Grant Vallack Building therefore aims to tailor the management of each project specific to your requirements and will remain on hand at all times to respond to any concerns you may have.

At Grant Vallack Building, we are dedicated to ensuring that your project is delivered on time, within budget and exactly how you imagined it – no matter how big or small your plan.