Bathrooms & Kitchens

Whether you wish to completely strip out your bathroom or kitchen or simply update it for a new and refreshing look, Grant Vallack Building has the expertise and experience you need.

As with all of our projects, Grant Vallack Building aims to achieve the perfect outcome for you and, as such, we believe that saving you the time and money wherever possible without compromising the end result of your home is the best way in which to work.

Additionally, not being tied to particular suppliers ensures that Grant Vallack can provide you with an unbiased recommendation as to the optimal and most superb fittings, fixtures and appliances for any budget.


The kitchen is often a far more important part of your home than simply a place to create meals. At Grant Vallack Building we can help you to create a kitchen that moulds to your lifestyle so that you can spend more of your precious time in it with your loved ones rather than forever cleaning or moving things around.

When it comes to designing your kitchen, we focus on creating ideal spaces for those who will be using it. We understand that some areas within your kitchen will be frequented more than others, and that the size and layout should suit those who spend the most time in it. With that in mind, Grant Vallack will consult with you to design your ideal kitchen based around your height, available space and the facilitiesyou use most often in order to improve functionality and convenience.


At Grant Vallack Building, we know that your bathroom needs to serve as an everyday purpose that also fits in with your character and lifestyle.

With a breadth of experience in creating new and renovating existing bathrooms to cater for the individual, Grant Vallack can help you to structure a luxurious bathroom that provides functionality in your most rushed times of day as well as an element of relaxation when time permits.

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